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Writers commissions

In March 2022, Literature Wales and Natural Resources Wales invited four teams of writers and creative facilitators to devise and deliver projects which explored the connection between literature, well-being, and the natural environment. Aligning to the themes of Nature and Us, the aim was to engage underrepresented and underserved groups with nature and nature settings.

For Nature and Us, this project showed the potential that nature has as part of our individual and social wellbeing, and the role that creativity can play in enhancing that benefit. The result was four very different approaches but all with amazing depth, care and consideration for the participants. Each project providing interesting learning around the way we might embed wellbeing in the vision we see for the future of our natural environment.

Bethany Handley and Megan Hunter

Gwyn Ruddell Lewis and Sarah Douglass

Taylor Edmonds and Nasia Sarwar-Skuse

Natasha Borton and Anastacia Ackers

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