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The (Future) Wales Coast Path

Devised by Alison Neighbour, the (Future) Wales Coast Path was a year-long series of creative events and installations about our relationship to land and water. It invited people to explore the intertidal zone of the future, starting at our Lighthouses on Magor Marsh and at Newport Riverfront. Each light was located on the possible future coastline and connected us in Wales to our friends in the Bay of Bengal via live tidal data: when the tide rose in Bengal our light in Wales flashed a warning about their present risk and our future. The project welcomed people to explore the space between the current shoreline and the future edge of the land.

Watch a film about the project here:

For Nature and Us, the project helped take a more nuanced and human view of the way that we will adapt to climate change as a society. It also helps remind us that this change is already a reality in some parts of the world and our efforts in the present are as important as our intention for the future.

Full details of the project can be found here: The (Future) Wales Coast Path – Exploring impermanent land. (

This project was developed and led by Alison Neighbour with the support of: