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Nature and Us involved the people of Wales in a national conversation about the natural environment.

The aim was to develop a shared vision for the natural environment in 2050 and consider the changes we need to make in preparation for 2030 and 2050, both as individuals and as a country.

Nature and Us wants to encourage people to think about the environment they would like to see in the future and leave it behind for future generations. We want to know how people feel about nature and how they would like society's relationship to nature to change. We also want people to think about the changes we can all adopt to protect nature and the environment.

It was launched on 17 February 2022. In the first phase to May, people across Wales could take part online, by completing a Nature and Us survey, join interactive webinars, focus groups or stakeholder workshops.

The team behind Nature and Us have reviewed the findings of this first phase and prepared two reports that explain the way the project was undertaken and provide a detailed overview of the findings of the national conversation.

Learn more about the findings of the first stage of Nature and Us.

Phase 2 of Nature and Us aimed to address the gaps in audience participation in phase 1 and took place in summer and autumn 2022.

Learn more about the second-stage findings of Nature and Us.

A Citizens' Assembly was established to develop the shared vision for Wales' natural environment from these findings and wider work. The Citizens' Assembly consisted of 50 individuals from across Wales and met over three sessions during February and March 2023.

Learn more about the Citizens' Assembly.

Nature and Us campaign video

Natural Resources Wales is facilitating the national conversation. We are the principal adviser to the Welsh Government about issues relating to the environment and its natural resources in Wales, within the local, national, and global context. We want to hear from the people of Wales about their views on the future of our natural environment, so we can help to amplify your views, and build a shared vision for Wales​.