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Nature and Us Findings

Nature and Us involved the people of Wales in a national conversation about the natural environment with the aim to develop a shared vision for the natural environment in 2050, and consider the changes we need to make leading up to that.

The conversation was held in three stages:

Phase 1

Between February and April 2022, people could share their views about what the natural environment would look like in 2050. People could complete a survey, take part in webinars or regional focus groups. A series of workshops with stakeholder organisations was also held. Over 3,000 people took part in the national conversation in this way. Their views were reviewed and captured by independent researchers and formed the basis for the next phase of the conversation.

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Phase 2

Nature and Us did not manage to reach everyone with the online campaign. During the summer and Autumn of 2022 we went directly to local communities and under-represented groups to seek their view and explore which of the phase 1 findings reflect the views of different communities in Wales; where there is agreement and where further work is needed to find common ground. We attended roadshows at festivals and events across Wales and held focus groups with young people, farmers, small and medium enterprises, and organisations working with diverse ethnic communities.

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Citizens’ assembly

In the spring of 2023, the Nature and Us citizens’ assembly came together to review the Nature and Us findings and wider work and to agree the shared vision. The Citizens’ Assembly was made up of 50 individuals from across Wales, met over three sessions to consider what the future looks like when society and nature thrive together.

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