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Ways of working

Ways of Working, an artist-led social enterprise, was commissioned to curate 9 new digital artworks by artists from across Wales to respond to the 9 interim Nature and Us provocations about how we may live in 2050. We wanted the artists to help us build new narratives around the Nature and Us vision and consider, or challenge, their version of the future.

The results can be viewed in this digital reader of the project:

For Nature and Us, this was an opportunity to open an alternative dialog about the vision presented by the Citizens Assembly. We know that the Vision is the version of the future that our society wants to see but, for it to succussed, we need to be mindful of the ground where we currently stand and the histories that have brought us here. Each of the artists commission by Ways of Working, has dug into this ground. Their thoughts are their own, but their perspectives help highlight issues that we need to acknowledge and address if we are serious about achieving the Vision.

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Ways of Working is based in Swansea but works throughout Wales. They lead projects which are rooted in local and long-term ideas to affect and empower radical change. Their work explores land use, social justice and intersectionality as well as food systems and climate collapse. Learn more here